About Us

Who We Are

International Touring Agency (ITA) is a partner owned firm.  Each of our partners brings with them unique skills that make up our success as a sought after entertainment touring and talent agency.

Our Service Beliefs

We pride ourselves in our one-on-one attention with our clients that we find they appreciate as a great change from the lack of attention that large corporate agencies can provide them.  It is our personal touch in everything we do, from building the initial relationships, providing transparency at all levels, and delivering top level results for our clients’ entire team.

ITA builds lasting, long-term relationships because we can deliver the results of a large firm, while maintaining the individual attention that you deserve.

What We Offer

ITA is a complete touring agency that works with clients in the areas of:

  • Artist & Celebrity Tour Branding
  • Artist & Celebrity Tour Publicity
  • International Touring (Canada, US, Europe, Asia, etc)
  • spot date talent bookings
  • Corporate Events
  • Event Guided Services

Our Extra Special Skills

ITA has gained an incredible reputation for assisting artists who have difficulty entering Canada or the US to entertain.  We have extensive knowledge on Immigration Criminality Border Crossing issues.

ITA currently has a 98% success rate when working with artists who want to work in Canada or the US and do not otherwise qualify for permitted entry due to criminal records or history.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you increase your touring exposure.

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